th aag conference
Capitalising on the Ageing Dividend Re-imagining our future 02–04 November 2016 NATIONAL CONVENTION CENTRE

The 2016 Conference


The Australian Association of Gerontology (AAG) is hosting its 49th Annual Conference in Canberra from Wednesday 2 to Friday 4 November 2016. The AAG Conference is truly multidisciplinary and brings together people with a wide range of professional interests.

The theme for the 2016 Conference is “Capitalising on the Ageing Dividend: Reimagining Our Future”. In Canberra, the nation’s centre of government, this conference will provide an opportunity to explore the future of ageing, and how we can best capitalise on the social and economic potential of our ageing society.

The intergenerational and social implications of demographic change and current policies attempting to address the needs of an ageing population cannot be ignored. There needs to be more active consideration of the enormous positive economic and social contributions of older people to our communities and the broader society. 

This conference will provide a forum to reflect on and re-imagine the incredible potential of our ageing society, now and into the future. It will seek to describe and imagine ways in which we can best support and enhance health and well-being. It will seek to encourage debate on the nature of our society and the importance of ageing within it. It will seek to demonstrate how ground-breaking research and evidence-based policy can harness the great value of our diverse and ageing population for the benefit of all.  

Join us as we dare to reimagine the future of ageing. 

We look forward to welcoming you to Canberra in November 2016.

Dr Helen Feist
President, Australian Association of Gerontology

Dr Danny Hills
Chair, AAG 2016 Conference